WeFixTickets.Com and the world famous


home study traffic school.

are part of CEES Inc.

CEES Inc. has been in the traffic education business since 1984 and has helped thousands protect their driving records and insurance rates.

You do not have to go to traffic school;
we deliver the traffic school to you!

Our programs are, entertaining,
fun and enlightening - yes they are!

No classroom attendance required;
do it on your schedule, study at your leisure.

Learn at your own pace; bull your way through
or do a little bit when you have the time -
you are in charge of your program.

Avoid rude and unfriendly people;
including whacked-out instructors.

Our programs save you time and time is money.

Our motto: “Ceative, Customized Solutions to your unique needs.”

CEES is designed as a “SHAMROCK” organization: 

  1. A small core of permanent, professional staff, guardians of the core competence, comprise one leaf of the CEES shamrock.
  2. Specialists and independent contractors, to whom work will be out-sourced when necessary, make up another leaf.
  3. Part-timers and temps, who may perform other work, are the third leaf.